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Welcome to our web site Breezin' Garden !

About this Site.
Here is a site of Fanart.
Fanart is Japanese anime and comic.
It is various like hentai and kawaii, etc.

This site was opened on 1/1/2007.
This site is owned by Hlin.
The fanarts are drawn by Cel.

This site are written in Japanese only.

Artworks and/or photos on this site are NOT allowed to be used on
other websites without permission.

Please go to here.   Online Fanarts Protection

At least, I hope you e-mail me or respective artists in Japanese before you post it.
I can't write back in English.
 E-mail : here !
Please don't forget to write down your E-mail address and your site URL..

If you find any copies of my works in any other places being used on a web site,
printed or sold without my permission, please inform me as soon as possible,
for there is a possibility of an infringement of copyright.
It is also helpful if the URL(if there is one) or the place they are being printed or sold is indicated,
so that it is possible to warn or to take legal actions against the person involved.

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Thank you !



To the bulletin board user :

Please post your messages in Japanese.
I can't write back in English.

In the pages are garbled :

If you would like to display this website correctly, you should download Japanese characters
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Please read this page.

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I hope you will like Cel's fanworks.
We are not good with English, so I would appreciate if you could use simple Japanese
as you send me email or post a message on the electronic bulletin board.
Thank you.

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This site is an adult site. Adults only.
If you are under the age, or the content makes you uncomfortable, please leave here.
Rating : R18 NC17