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About this Site.
Here is a site of Fanart.
Fanart is Japanese anime and comic.
It is various like hentai and kawaii, etc.

This site was opened on 1/1/2007.
This site is owned by Hlin.
The fanarts are drawn by Cel.

This site are written in Japanese only.

Artworks and/or photos on this site are NOT allowed to be used on other websites without permission.

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Page's Name ¨ Breezin' Garden
Owner's Name ¨ Hlin and Cel
URL ¨ http://brigit-ria.com/

I hope you will like Cel's fanworks.
We are not good with English, so I would appreciate if you could use simple Japanese as you send me email or
post a message on the electronic bulletin board.
Thank you.



English information
This site is an adult site.@Adults only.
If you are under the age, or the content makes you uncomfortable, please leave
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